Stakeholder Relations

Communications, Public Relations & Marketing

This section is responsible for:

  • Coordination of Council events
  • Media liaison, press releases and interviews
  • Social media posters and uploads \Website updates
  • Booking of radio slots
  • Printing of folders for organisational events
  • Branding and photography at municipal events
  • Coordination of IDP Roadshows
  • Communications and social media

Intergovernmental Relations

  • Facilitate Districts Intergovernmental forums and ensure that they are functioning and operating in line with the provision of the IGR Forum Act.
  • Ensure the adhering of protocol processes by municipalities
  • Administer Councilors learning network forum and administer database on all IGR/DDM structures and operationally
  • Participate in the IGR/DDM Forums and ensure synergy of the clusters.
  • Provide integrated support to municipalities and encourage inter-municipal co-operation