Technical Services

Water Services Mandate to the Municipality



Schedule 4 Part B of the Constitution Water and Sanitation

  • Municipal Structures Act, Section 84

  • A district municipality has the following functions and powers:

     (b)  Potable water supply systems.

     (d)  Domestic waste-water and sewage disposal systems.

  • Adjusted to some local municipalities by the Minister in 2001

  • Municipalities that are responsible for the water services function are water services authorities (WSAs)

Responsibilities of a Water Service Authority

Primary responsibility for ensuring the provision of water services as:

  • Ensuring access: must ensure that appropriate investments in water services infrastructure are made (subject to available resources)
  • Planning: prepare water services development plans to ensure effective, efficient, affordable, economical and sustainable access to water services that promote sustainable livelihoods and economic development.
  • Regulation: regulate water services provision and water services providers within their areas of jurisdiction and within the policy and regulatory frameworks set by DWA through the enactment of by-laws and the regulation of contracts.
  • Provision: ensure the provision of effective, efficient and sustainable water services (including water conservation and demand management) either by providing water services themselves or by selecting, procuring and contracting with external water services providers.


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