Planning and Economic Development




Spatial Planning coordination, management of development control and forward planning initiatives.

  • Ensuring the Development and periodic review of the District Spatial Development Framework (SDF) as part of the IDP alignment processes.

  • Performing District wide spatial planning through SDFs to minimize the mushrooming of informal settlements & identification of Upgradable Informal Settlements that result in service backlogs and unhealthy living conditions for our communities.

  • Participating in both JMPTs as part of enhancing the Statutory Planning in the District
  • Development & review of District Integrated Development and coordinating District Family of Municipalities in Developing Credible IDPS
  • Enhancing capacity & effectiveness of LMs to enforce & facilitate planning legislation implementation in their areas of jurisdiction in line with powers & functions of the different categories of LMs.
  • Facilitating provision of state & municipal land to accommodate identified pressing uses to improve economic & social development in constituent Local Municipalities.
  • Facilitating & co-coordinating Human settlement planning & development
  • Providing a Shared Planning Service to LMs in the District family with no Planning Expertise,
  • Co-coordinating the Development, alignment and periodic review of both LM & District SDFs as part of the IDP processes.
  • Ensuring review & continuous alignment of both LM & District SDFs with National, Provincial and District policy strategies as & when required.
  • Coordinating the Development & review of the DDM One Plan
  • The need for Development Planning Shared Services (DPSS) has been linked to the recent changes in Development Planning Legislation in the country involving devolution of Planning Powers and functions to Local Government Level;
  • The aim of the DPSS Initiative was for Municipalities to Share Expert Services at District level in order to optimize limited resources & thereby enhancing the quality of Planning & Development Services provided in District.
  • Its important to note that DPSS was a provincial funded programe & KCDM is no longer getting the funding as all its LMs have Planners save for Mthonjaneni where the Planners recently resigned and hence KCDM is assisting while the process of filling the vacancy is progress


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