Municipal Overview

Overview of King Cetshwayo District Municipality

The King Cetshwayo District Municipality is a category C municipality and is located in the north-eastern region of the KwaZulu-Natal province on the eastern seaboard of South Africa. It covers an area of 8000 square kilometers, from the agricultural town of Gingindlovu in the south, to the Umfolozi River in the north and inland to the mountainous beauty of rural Nkandla.

This paradoxical district comprises the best and worst of the two economies of this country. We are home to several of the largest industrial giants in the world, the retail sector in our urban areas is burgeoning with economic activity, the agricultural and tourism potential is boundless and there are ever-increasing opportunities for local economic development.

On the other hand, crippling droughts and deep rural communities living in abject poverty are also strong characteristics of the King Cetshwayo district, with a backlog of water and sanitation service delivery topping our list of priorities.

The following local municipalities are found within the servicing area of the King Cetshwayo District Municipality (DC28):

  • uMfolozi Municipality (KZ 281)
  • uMhlathuze Municipality (KZ 282)
  • uMlalazi Municipality (KZ 284)
  • Mthonjaneni Municipality (KZ 285)
  • Nkandla Municipality (KZ 286)


Forging ahead being inspired by integrity with a will to provide sustainable and quality service delivery.

Mission Statement:

  • Creating a safe and healthy environment that promotes sustainable and inclusive economic and social development reinforced by service delivery.